Sunday, February 17, 2008

Diagnosis of Tongue and Throat Cancer

My first visit to the Otolaryngologist, AKA ENT, was not that bad in my perseption. He thought I may have cancer but was not sure. Or at least he was telling me at that time. If he was 100 % sure at that time he was not expressing himself that well. I think he knew then. I think he like any professional could not say, YES you have cancer. Not yet anyway. He left me with the hope that it could be a puss bag behind the tonsil causing this. At the time I thought he was not sure of anything. What I was hearing was, You have a small yet hard tonsil. You need some tests. You need a Cat Scan to determine this. I was ok with that. It is just a kind of Xray.

Then I heard the most awful word I had never heard of in my 47 years of life. SURGERY! Never had surgery before. Did not want to either. This was after I went to his assistant to get the "Tests" arranged. I said to her, " What are you talking about? the Doc did not say I needed surgery. "I thought..... Get those dern papers out of my face Woman! I am here for a C-Scan and that is it! She then told me this was only if the test proved I needed surgery. We can always cancel. Little did I know. Part of the test was surgery. To do a biopsy. The C-Scan was a mere formality. I thought Kasey Chambers was singing to me the song titled, "I got you now". Only it was not love she was offering me, it was more of a form of torture.