Sunday, February 17, 2008

Early Signs of Oral Cancer

At first I thought I was just having problems with a bad case of Strep Throat. I went to the Prompt care on the weekend and got some antibiotics. After taking a round of that for a couple of weeks I still felt bad. My throat was sore and still had a swollen gland. Pain resinated in the ear on one side. I knew the Prompt care Doctor had to have misdiagnosed my problem. Even though I am not a Doctor, I knew something else was wrong. But who do I see next? I mean, this does cost me money. How do I spend it wisely? What professional should I ask next?

I went to the Dentist thinking it may be some gum disease acting up again. In the past I have had simular symtoms just not this severe. It did seem reasonable to me. Swollen glands, soreness, maybe it was because I had let it go for so long. My Dental visit is where I found out I had a leasion on the tounge. He dismissed any idea of cancer think it was caused by some sort of blunt force trama. Jabbing a toothbrush back there accidentally or swollowing glass and not realizing it. I could not remember doing any of those things. You would think that you would have some pain associated with such trama. Would you not? So he sent me home with an anitbacterial mouth wash. I used this for one week and still had little or no difference in my symtoms.

After a week or so I decided to see an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor. Maybe he could shed some light on why all these symptoms were increasing rather than going away.