Thursday, March 6, 2008

Find Your Health and Happiness despite Cancer

Are you NUTS? Though I have been accused of that before, the answer is a simple no. Being brought up in the church as a child my Mom used to say, everything has a reason for happening. Even if we can not see the good, the Lord has a plan which we just can not understand as yet. When I was 15 years old I had the dumbest parents on the face of the earth. They knew nothing about what I was going through nor could they have any realization of how any of their life lessons could help me in my life's processes. And now that I am 47 years old, my opinion of my parents is a tad bit different. They are simply Geniuses.

Now that I have oral cancer and I can talk freely about it, I understand what they meant about seeing the good within what appears to be bad. Times during a cancer diagnosis can be termed as hellish. But they can also bring about more good than bad. It was during these times I was able to reflect on what most of us all take for granted. Yes, that phrase sounds like something my dumb parents of yesteryear would have said. But words could never be closer to the truth!

You realize the closeness of family, who your friends are and you certainly appreciate what life has to offer as a whole. If asked, "Are you healthy?", during a time when you have the flu, most responses are, "Yes, except feeling bad from the flu." When asked the same question after a cancer diagnosis, I say, "Yes, except for feeling bad because of the cancer. Many are shocked with that. I had one say...but..are you ok? ( What they are asking you is, are you going to die?)
I say, Sure, I am fine. (I am telling them, No need to give up on me for I have not given up on myself!)

Bottom line is, you will go when the Good Lord calls you. Period, End of Story!
When I climbed out of that poor, poor me stage and looked at all that I had, I never felt better nor happier than I did at that moment. I Find myself very happy and healthy dispite any cancer or other health issues that might arise.

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G-d bless and be strong