Friday, March 28, 2008

Teeth Extraction for Radiation - Port placement

Tuesday was my surgery. In itself, all went very well. The Oral Surgeon pulled my teeth on both top and bottom and had to smooth out the jaw bone. The port placement went well and that surgeon was also happy. Tis always nice for the surgeons in a good mood. I coughed up some stuff from the lungs. Out of habit, I was pounding my chest to assist the upward travel of the subtance and I hit the newly installed port. YES SIR ! In the words of Janice from the TV show Friends,....."OH.....MY.....GOD!" That was the dumbest thing I could have done. They heard me howl down the hall. Nurses came running in. Fortunately I caused no damage. Just a two day reminder not to do that again.

This was only the second surgery in my life. Last time they gave me Valium to take off the edge because I was so nervous prior to surgery. This time they offered Versed which I refused. Versed only makes you forget after the fact. I read up on that one before hand. You can still be frightened you just won't remember it. Last time they gave Morphine for pain. GREAT STUFF! They were giving me pills for pain this time. It is amazing how different various hospitals operate. ( No pun intended.)After 2.5 hours on the table and 2 hours in recovery, I decided to go home.

Stumbling out from my wheel chair because of the effects of the anesthesia, into the car for the ride home, I Later find that my face was very swollen. Matter of fact, it felt like someone had stuffed a basketball into my head and left it there. It was Saturday before it felt or looked any better. All the teeth are gone, your face is twice the size, and the dentures feels like a mouth full of china. I can not decide which was worse, having a tonsil removed or this. I think this one took me a bit more by surprise. Most everyone has had a tooth pulled. The next day you are feeling fine, eating normal in one week or less. NOT this time buddy! Is like pulling your teeth and then knocking your head with a baseball bat and leaving your sorry self for dead. Five days later, I still have echomosis on my face and neck. But I am better! The basketball has been replace with what feels like gauze packings around upper and lower jaw lines and under the eyes and in the neck. I should be good in a couple more weeks. Until then, ice bags and darvocet are my best friends.

The Port is doing ok. Because I am so skinny, you can see it and the tube going through my chest, up the neck and finally disapearing into the vein. It still kind of hurts too. Not sure if that is because of hitting the thing or because there is no fat for it to cushion itslef with. Either case, I do not like it! It gets removed in about 10 weeks or so. I can not wait!


Debbie said...

I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone that expresses those words of encouargement. With all the craziness that is going on in this's comforting and inspiring to know that there are those still willing to reach out to others to show kindness and compassion.

The little Sister

linda said...

your diary gives me encouragement as my mom has been diagnosed with scc she has it in her nose she has had to have all her teeth out the last 5 were this morning ready for radiation which she should be having shortly she is copeing with this very well unfortunatly cant be said for me im so worried for her i cant sit and rest i have to be on the go all the time as if i dont i keep crying i just hope that my mom is as well as you when she has had her treatment glad your on the mend xxx