Saturday, April 12, 2008

Making a Difference

During the last few months of posting entries into my blog, I have made a few friends. They all have cancer in one way or another. Some have Head and Neck like I do. Some have Breast Cancer and some have Lymphoma. Some have had Cancer since age 3 and are now having babies. Some have only had it for a year or less and have days when the struggle with what life with cancer has to offer. can trouble them. Then there are the days when the sun is out, it is a warm spring day, the smell of fresh cut grass is abounding. Life could not be any better!

These people have really been my best source of help to me. Yes, my family, friends and those who are close to me have really been there as well. I am not short changing anyone. But to really talk with someone who has been or is currently helps the healing process that much more. These are the people who are within the realm of total understanding. Everyone else can sympathize but to really understand, you have to be there. You had to have gone through it. It is these people whom I have grown to not only respect, but to appreciate as well. It is without their knowing, the correspondence has been most helpful.

It is this very reason that I feel so compelled to get this story out. I want to travel to every city in every state and tell my story. Inform people of how they can prevent oral cancer from occurring or how they can deal with it in a most positive way. Like any cancer, early detection is key! It is key to any possibility to a cure. It is key to a successful long term remission. Oh ya, all this can happen without early detection, but why not increase your chances if you can? Are you starting to see why I am getting so compelled? There is so much information that begs for an audience.

People say I should write a book. Never thought of myself as a writer. I just blog about what happens and how I may feel for that day. I guess it is becoming a lot more than that. Amazing I think. One day I am writing a note so the family out of town can see how I am doing, the next month I get emails from total strangers about how much of an inspiration I was to them. WHODATHUNKIT?

As I get the emails on a weekly basis now, I realize even more. that there are so many people who need to hear it from those in the trenches. Not only those with the cancer, but the caregivers as well. They want to know how they can best help the loved ones afflicted. I answer each of these carefully. It really depends on the personality of the person at that time. Heck, I can change like the wind without a moments notice. One minute I am Mr. Happy Go Lucky and the next, I am Mr. MAD AT THE WORLD! Do not mean to, but it happens. Though I will say, mostly, I control it and keep it to myself. OK, I try to!

So my goal is to make a difference. To share with others of the experiences which are vital. I would feel blessed to go to churches and share how cancer has sparked a new found faith. It would be an honor to speak to newly found Doctors at universities who need to know how they can best help their patients. What I would enjoy the most, it to help others understand what Oral Cancer is about, how they can detect it and how to deal with the cancer once it does occur. To be able to impact someones life in a positive manner. To give back what has been unselfishly, given to me!


Jeanne said...

John--What a beautiful post! I am proud to be your friend.

I think you are right that other people--those who are newly diagnosed, family, friends, doctors, nurses. and more--need to hear from those of us who are living with cancer.

Also, about Mr. MAD AT THE WORLD--you can always vent to us, your cancer blogger friends, and on your blog. We get it.


Anonymous said...

As I have already said I admire your humor, strength and inspiration. I have been watching your Blog and always find a few gems and lots of wisdom that I wish I had had ten years ago.
You are a true champion in my books. As hard as this disease is on an individual you have found the time to put the effort into letting others know all that you are going through. I am confident that you have touched many and as well have helped many.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Kindest Regards,

Wendy S. Harpham, MD said...

You ARE making a difference.
With hope,