Monday, April 21, 2008

Just having a Darn Good Day

Most of the posts have a deep meaningful purpose. Many times they are not written with that intention, but do impact someone somewhere along the line. This time, I keep things light-hearted. I am just having a darn good day. Actually the whole weekend went pretty well. Saturday started out kind of crappy. By the evening I was feeling better. I went to Wally World to get the food for the week. I dared to get a big ol fat steak. I had managed to eat a whole piece of pizza earlier that day. I would have eaten more if my dentures had not been slipping. Darn things anyhow. Have I mentioned I hate those darn things?

I got up Sunday and felt even better. I went out to eat and did a bit of window shopping at my local Sam’s Club. (That is two plugs they owe me for.) And then later on that evening I dared to fix the one dinner I had longed for. I had longed for two things since this whole mess started, to eat pizza and eat steak. Things I have not been able to eat since December. My diet has mostly been of the soft food variety, soups, broth, gravy and the like.

So, I had already prepared for it earlier. My dentures were adhered with triple the amount of Fixident. They are not going anywhere. I Had a heck of a time taking them out that night. I seasoned that bad boy up. Cook it to a perfect Medium Rare. Got myself a drink, sat in my chair with a fork in one hand and knife in the other. I patiently cut my first bite with much anticipation. As it entered, my mouth experienced a most seasonalistic orgasm। YES, It was the best bite I had in MONTHS. I sat like a kid eating candy for the first time. Cutting and enjoying every tantalizing bite. It did take a while; big bites hurt my gums some. I had to cut small bites and chew carefully. I still enjoyed every last morsel of food. Right down to the last bit of juice left on the plate.

Yes, it most certainly was a GREAT DAY!


Dr. Swill said...


I am soooo happy for you. It nice to hear the good news! I can't wait to have my first ...while eating:)

You have the very same cravings I do...steak, pizza, and add king crab! When I can eat you won't find ANY food left at Wally World so you better sock up pal!

Peace B

Wendy S. Harpham, MD said...

Dear John,

A good day is a great day.
With hope,

Anonymous said...

I'm six years out, following surgery for a stage IV SCCA mandibular tumor. Believe me when I say every day is a great day. :-)