Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kudos to the Doctors

I have to tell you all. I would have rather not had the cancer. But since I do, I have to say, I have been very blessed by the Doctors that I have had. They all have gone above and beyond what it deemed normal patient care, in order to insure my best possible outcome. Because of that, I would like to give them each the credit due!

Dr. Tharp and Dr. Loesch of the Central Indiana Cancer Centers. They both are very knowledgeable in their field and have left no stone unturned. They have gone through all the pros and cons of treatment and have made me feel very comfortable with the treatment I have received. The staff at the center is also to be acknowledged. The treat you like family. They will get you a pillow, a blanket, a cup of coffee or a snack if you like. They do what ever is needed to insure you are comfortable.

Dr. Tom Quill DDS, this man has bent over backwards for me. Normally it takes 6 weeks to make a pair of dentures. He worked on days off and into the night to make them in one week so that when I come out of surgery I had teeth. As a Dentist, my daughter has a BAD case of the scaredycats. He made her very comfortable and she has had two fillings done by him and was ok with it all. She likes him very much.

Dr. Phillip Montefalco DDS-Oral Surgeon, Very professional and knows his job well! He also bent over backwards to make this all happen. With out his help, my surgery would not have been. I needed my teeth out, radiation would have killed them off and presented more issues down the road. I had lot of disease and gums receded and I was just a mess. Dr. Montefalco realized the seriousness of it all and simply made it all happen.

Each of these Doctors and their staff is really unsurpassed comparatively and deserve to be recognized as such. To all of you who have been so nice and professional to insure my best care, I say from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!


John Resner


Michelle said...

Glad to know you are getting such good care by your medical team. I am constantly telling people that the staff at our local Cancer Center must go through compassion and/or empathy training because they are simply wonderful.

Michelle (CG to hubby, Dan)

Dr. Swill said...

Hey John,
Hope you're doing well. How are you tolerating the Erbitux?

I took that Chemo drug. I did very well with it until my 4th week when I had such a bad reaction they had to stop. I had a chemical rash everywhere...and I mean everywhere!!! Even the souls of my feet itched! It was bad. But with some Benadryl it was gone in a few days. They discontinued my treatment after that. I describe much of it on my blog.

I'm sorry to hear about your teeth. I only needed to have 2 pulled. I guess you're starting to feel like: what have I gotten myself into by now? So many aspects of cancer treatment I never knew I would have to go through.

I guess the good news is, after being sliced, diced, poisoned, and microwaved, I've become a better person for it. I have a greater appreciation for a sunrise, a duck on a pond, the dew on the morning grass.

I was fortunate to sail through radiation without much problem. The hardest thing has been eating. I hate the feeding tube but I wouldn't have made it without it.

Don't let the darkness in. I try to keep it light. Your attitude is your key to winning. I believe in a self fulfilling prophecy!

You can read my story, though still unfolding, in the archives of my blog. Come visit if you have time. Look under the tag "The Cancer Chronicles"

Stay strong!

Peace B

Wendy S. Harpham, MD said...

Dear John,
So happy to hear you have a great team working to get you well.

And thanks for acknowledging their efforts.

Keep us posted about any post-radiation plans for your mask! Wall hanging? Planter?

with hope, Wendy