Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First week of radiation done

Well, let me tell you. This radiation stuff, they can have it! It sucks! I had three treatments last week. On Friday, the last of the three, I started feeling a bit ill around 4:00 and it got really bad.

On Sat. I thought I was gonna toss my cookies all day long. The pain was horrid. ( good thing I have an ample supply of various pain medications.) By that night I did choke down some green beans and mashed potatoes and lots of jello. Sunday I eat more jello and by the evening I was able to eat some dumplings with green beans and mashed potaoes. Monday I had gravy and toast with eggs. OH and jello.

I went to the center and the doc gave me a script for the nausea. He gave me a shot yesterday and I tell you I feel so good today. Hopefully this will keep the nausea away. That taste and smell, is like a cross between metal and flesh. Best I can describe it. I have had that since day one. The nurses say I am crazy. Well, I know what I taste and smell. I have talked to others that say the same thing. I felt like telling them that they can lay down and I will zap them and se what they think. They declined for some reason.

Now the Doc tells me that he is not suprised at all. Everyone takes radiation in a differetn way. He said in the head and neck region it is worse. When you radiate this area everything is worse for you. The radiation hits the nucleaus of the cell and kills it off and that cause bad inflamation hense the pain. Next will be pain from the burns the radiation causes but we just have to deal with it the best we can. Using a mouth wash helps with the smell and taste some. Use a alcohol and peroxide free based wash though. Otherwise you will be burning the tissue that has been radiated and it will hurt badly! I use Oasis moisturizing mouthwash. This also helps a bit with dry mouth too. It has a mild mint flavor. Sucking on mild mints also help suring the day with this smell and taste issue.

Pls notice also the story the paper wrote about me was horrible and incorrect. They did not see the need to reprint the story. So see this link to read how the story should have been written by the South Side Times.

Setting the Story Straight part two


victor53 said...

Thanks for doing your website.
I was diagnosed 5 weeks ago with stage 4 tonsilcancer with a huge lemon sized lympnode. I was just writing to ask what nausea medicine you got? So i can put it on my list. I have doctors who dont care 5 weeks and im still not close to being treated. So ive got top do all the work myself i guess.
Ive only had 1 visit with onc surgeon for 20 minutes and 1 visit with medical onc for 20 minutes it took them a month to get my scan and its been a week and the dont have it back yet.
Anyway i hope maybe i can make people feel better when they hear how bad i got it. I am taking charge now . I started complaining last october about a lump in neck.
If i knew then what i know now.
My email is vb53@cox.net and again thank you for taking the time to do your website to share your experience with me.
Victor Brown

Dr. Swill said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your discomfort so early in the game.

Alcohol free products are imperative! Oasis also makes a mouth moisturizing spray you can carry with you when your mouth feels dry. Crest makes an alcohol free mouthwash called Pro Health Night to be used just before bed.

Don't forget to ask about the other things I suggested in the email I sent.

Peace B