Monday, October 20, 2008

Coming home from Hospital

First off, let me thank all of you who supported, thought of and prayed for me. It really helps way more than you all can realize. I am coming home this wed. for sure.

It has been a really rough ride. It totally sucked, but I am getting through it all. I read all the emails my sister brought and it really lifted me up when I was really fealing down.

My voice box was saved so I will have a voice. Oral cancer may have kicked my butt a time or two. But I am planning to win the war.

Till next time,



l'optimiste said...

John - found your blog at last [through Jeanne’s] and I think you are doing amazingly well to be able to even THINK of getting to a computer etc. Well done - I know it's disturbing if people tell you that you are 'brave', as we have no choice but to deal with this scary disease in the best way we can. But there are ways and ways - you seem to have found a good way, and I admire it.

You're in my thoughts, looking forward to you being back and able to continue your blog yourself. And Debby, my thoughts are with you too. It’s wonderful what a supportive person can do for one!

Dr. Swill said...

Ata boy John!

Keep kickin some cancer ass for all of us! I hope you're home soon. Rest well my friend. I'm prayin for you!


Wendy S. Harpham, MD said...

Dear John,
I'm looking forward to reading your "post from home."
Hang in there.
With hope, Wendy

Meg Wolff said...

Yeah John,
Glad that you are home. Warm thoughts and hugs sent your way.