Sunday, June 22, 2008

Malnutrition meets Radiation

This is what happens when you think you can make it without a feeding tube in place when you do the radiation treatments. Now If I would have been overweight, maybe I could have gotten by with it. But I have a high metabolism and did not get so lucky. I was extremely dehydrated and was loosing my mental faculties. I was in week 6 and started out with 150 pounds. I weighed 123 in this picture. Tis a far cry from the normal pic on the right.

It cost me a night in the hospital and some pain, but I am now on the road to recovery. I consume 7-8 cans of food each day via a peg tube and I am gaining back my weight and have my mind back. I was home from the hospital about three days and took a look in the mirror. It was only then I seen how horrible I was looking. I had seen myself before, but my mind was not processing information properly. I felt like I was ready to go 6 feet under. I think I was closer that I thought. But WAS is a big word now. It is all in the past. I am doing very well now and the Doctors expect a full recovery, not only from this, but from the cancer as well.

I have 5 more treatments to go and then I am DONE. My neck is getting burned and very dry. This is now my major area of concern. I have the creams to put on it, but they only do so much. I have seen a few people walk out of the last treatment kinda fried. I hope that does not happen to me. We shall see by the end of next week. The Doctor had a hard time finding the tumors. I had to find them for him last week. But this week, I can not even find the tumors any more. Good sign!
It is amazing that the very machine that can cure the cancer, can also cause so much discomfort and so many side affects. Anything from loss of taste to skin burns to depression and malnutrition. Thank Goodness all these things we are able to recover from. But still, the irony of it all astounds me at times.