Thursday, January 29, 2009

John's Update

Hello all.
This is John's sister, Debbie.
First and foremost...John does apologize for the long delay in updating his blog. There had been some technical difficulties accessing the site. ( most likely by me trying to access it hehe )

John continues to improve after his last set back.
He had been in the hospital the very first of January. He had been getting sick and not able to keep anything down for about a week or two. He had couple of trips to the emergency room to boost him with fluids. Then in early January he began to have some syncope episodes. That being he would pass out. Not getting up and getting dizzy..or coughing too hard...he would just be on the couch ..resting..and pass out. So...that got him a special invite to a quaint room at his favorite hospital for about the next 10 days.

Upon discharge from the hospital ...he had been quite weak. Lost much stamina. Instead going staight home, he was taken to a rehab unit. This was to help strengthen his body much quicker and safer than he could at home. ( however...we have kidnapped him from time to time for short visits to home..WHICH HE LOVES) .

There is much to share with all of you. Where to start?
During the many many tests that were done at his last hospital visit, they pinpointed the spot on his right lung that apparently had shown growth over the last two PET scans. Because of the location being near the opening of an airway tube (bronchi) of the middle lobe of the right lung, They wanted to start treatment immediately. The concern was that this little mass could possible cause his middle lobe to collapse if the bronchi got blocked completely. It was also causing a near constant urge to cough a little.
Today, Jan 29, He is currently having his second brachi-bronch. Brachi-bronch is a sedated procedure done to go down inside the lung and ZAP that little mass booger. He will have only three of these, two weeks apart. He will also have regular radiation treatments. And tomorrow he will already be half way done with those.
This week he has shown MUCH improvement. His spirits and spunk have returned. Along with that smile !!
He was fortunate to have never lost his strength..but to with-hold that strength for even a few seconds was the delima. I'm happy to report his endurance is building with fast speed. Primary because of his motivation.
He has missed being online and hearing from all of you.
Thank you for all you notes and posts..He loves reading them.

Be blessed and much care to all

My sisters's blog entry was so good I dare not change anything. I have been a pretty sick puppy. so, please be aware my sisiter is well advised as to my condition. Love you al, John