Briefly on oncology and flu

Important information.

It is necessary to know that symptoms of flu in oncology are worse than in a healthy person. Therefore, you have to see a doctor immediately in case of fever, runny nose or cough. If you have a fever, this medicine can help:

If the visit to the doctor is not delayed, treatment will be more effective (it is should be prescribed at an early stage 2-4 days).

Are there side effects from using Tamifla's cancer patients?

Answer: If the flu test results are positive, the body will not react negatively to the drugs.

Influenza vaccine.

Of course, it is safe to make flu vaccine for cancer patients, even during cancer treatment. In addition, if the immunity is weak, the effect of the vaccine will be small or zero. This gives a false sense of security.

Danger of flu infection from relatives.

Cancer patients should be careful not to come into contact with people close to them who have the flu (within 3 feet). However, your doctor may prescribe tamifa as a preventive measure. You can find the instructions here:

Additional ways to protect against flu.
To protect yourself, often wear a mask and wash your hands, do not go to crowded places and stay away from sick people.